Who We Are

Our Mission

The National Association of Church Personnel Administrators (NACPA) promotes leadership in human resources, finance and administration that models Gospel values, promoting justice in the workplace.

To accomplish our mission we promote comprehensive church personnel systems which integrate Catholic social teaching and sound management principles; strengthen working relationships among Church leaders, ministers and employees; develop church personnel and human resource skills and competence and commit to excellence through Gospel values.

Our Vision & Values

NACPA’s members, board and staff must be leaders in providing quality standards of effective human resource practice, education and service.  We believe that the Church should model employment relationships that promote human dignity.  We believe that those employed by the Church should participate in decisions that affect them and should receive just compensation.

Our values encompass respect for all persons; inclusive, supportive relationships; ethical conduct; the dignity of work and commitment to excellence.


We are deeply appreciative of all who have contributed to our National Association over the past thirty years. We especially recognize our past Executive Directors whose leadership has been most significant in this history.

1970 National Federation of Priests¹ Councils (NFPC) initiates organization
1971 Charter of Institution for the National Personnel Association and first meeting
1972 Name is chosen: National Association of Church Personnel Administrators, Dan Johnson is first president, first Convocation
1978 Sheila McEvoy is selected as first Executive Secretary, National Office established in Cincinnati
1981 Mary Ann Barnhorn, SNDdeN, selected as Executive Director


  • First consultants (1983)
  • Membership passes 500 (1984)
1985 Christine Matthews, OP, selected as Executive Director


  • First Position Paper: Just Treatment for Those Who Work in the Church (1986)
  • First Convening of National Organizations (1987)
  • Membership passes 1000 (1989)
  • Second Position Paper: Pathfinder for Compensation Systems: A NACPA Working Paper (1990)
  • First Excellence Award: Sheila Kelly, presented at 20th anniversary (1991)
1992 Ann White, SL, selected as Executive Director


  • Third Position Paper: The Individual and the Institution: Strengthening Working Relationships in the Church (1994)
  • Celebration of 25th Anniversary at Convocation (1996)
1998 Ellen Doyle, OSU, selected as Executive Director


  • First Vision Award: Colleen Branagan (1998)
  • Second Vision Award: Monsignor Colin MacDonald (1999)
  • Third Vision Award: Mr. Thomas J. Meehan (2000)
  • Fourth and Fifth Vision Awards: National Federation of Priests¹ Councils (NFPC) and Christine Matthews, OP (2001)
  • Sixth Vision Award: Charmaine Williams (2002)
  • Seventh Vision Award:  Mr. Brian B. Reynolds (2003)
  • First Leadership Award:  National Pastoral Life Center (2003)
  • Eighth Vision Award:  Mrs. Linda Bearie (2004)
2005 Mary Jo Moran, Ph.D. selected as Executive Director


  • Ninth Vision Award: Rev. J. Cletus Kiley (2005)
  • Tenth Vision Award: Dr. Wayne Lenell (2005)
  • First Leadership Award for Demonstrating Justice in the Church Workplace: Carol Fowler, Ph.D. (2007)
  • Second and Third Leadership Award for Demonstrating Justice in the Church Workplace:
    Carl Feil and Angie Pfaller (2008)
  • Fourth Leadership Award for Demonstrating Justice in the Church Workplace: Kathy Mack (2013)
2015 Regina Haney, EdD, selected as Executive Director


  • Association relocates to Alexandria, Virginia in Greater Washington D.C. area.